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The management team of AL FATH COMPANY gives the highest priority to ensuring that our own employees, and all other employees working on sites managed by the company, can work safely and healthy, and remain free from injury. The aim of this policy is to;

a) We are committed to the prevention of injury and ill-health of our employees and all other persons who may be affected by its activities and to the continual improvement of occupational health and safety management and performance.

b) We comply with regulations and laws associated with occupational health and safety.

c) Risk Assessments will assist in the identification of hazards and the setting of prioritized objectives for elimination and reduction of risk.

 d) Ensure that this policy is documented, communicated, implemented, and maintained by all persons working for and on behalf of AL FATH COMPANY.

e) Provide sufficient information, instruction, training and supervision to enable employees to avoid hazards and to contribute positively to the health and safety of themselves and others whilst at work.

 f) This occupational health and safety policy shall be made thoroughly understood by all employees, and it shall be disclosed to the public upon request, and we reviewed our OHS policy annually and updated to any changing circumstances and to ensure their operational effectiveness.